We are the manufacturer of the rear sprockets for the off road bikes. We would like to present you with the offer of our products. We pride our self in supplying the products of the highest standard. The technology that we developed our self over the last 8 year. We are low overheads company therefore being able to achieve durable, high quality sprockets yet keeping the production costs down.

- Our products are made of the best quality German aluminum supplied to us by World’s Leading aluminum supplier. Used by Airbus, Boeing, Audi.
- Our processes our very flexible therefore we can customize our sprockets and supply them in the different finish.
- Thanks to the special technology „Ball Burnishing” that is only used for the high spec products we can achieve the attractive, reflective and clear „mirror” finish. This process as well as enhancing the look, improves the wear and tear of the sprockets.
- Currently we are able to manufacture the sprockets using aluminium ISO 7075 T6 . All products can be finished polished or anodized.

Quality Control:
Every sprocket goes through up to 8 production stages and 9 individual quality control checks before it is ready to leave the factory.

We use hig quality tools - WNT TOOLS of use witch warrant highest machined surface structure.

We use the latest CNC machines, technologies so that our products are the highest quality at a reasonable price.

- 100% made ​​in Poland
- 100% German aluminiu

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